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As if I needed you to light my fire

I thought I'd start this post with a few words about my last. I decided to x-post the blog about Dave FM trying out music in the mornings in the Atlanta community on livejournal.

42. That would be the number of comments that I got on it there.
12. That would be the number of comments that actually had something to do with the subject at hand.

The rest? Well, those all had to do with falsely accusing me of grassroots campaigning for Dave FM. *ahem*. First off, let me say THANK YOU. Comparing my writing to that done of some already-professional public relations practitioners is a total compliment. Another THANK YOU to those people who thought that my writing was "sly" enough in the grassroots sense to be effective in pursuing people to listen to that radio station. And lastly, THANK YOU for reminding me why I never post in the Atlanta community. You're all just a bunch of big-headed, bored, rung-out 30-somethings with nothing else to do but make false accusations about a college student's work.

And when I told them I was not grassroots campaigning, they didn’t believe me, arguing that if I were, I still wouldn’t come out and say it. And why, exactly, would I waste my time trying to lie to some LJ community? That seems silly. “Oh…oh…gee…okay. You caught me! I was really trying to be sneaky about something that I’m not affiliated with what-so-ever. Gosh darn it!” You, mister, get the prize for making yourself look like the biggest asshole of the day.

I think that what stood out to me as being the most ignorant was when someone called my writing awkward and sloppy. It's a blog, people! If you're so caught up on LJ that you're critiquing people's non-professional writing as professional and comparing it to your own -- you're in the wrong spot. This is my opinion. I felt like expressing something exciting to me. Whether you think it's sloppy or not is neither here nor there.

And if I were to be grassroots campaigning for them, which I’m not, who is to say that it's wrong? Companies are desperate in these economic times. Contract-hiring and freelancing are at the highest they've ever been It's cheap and if you can get someone who's good, effective. Unethical? Maybe. But if I were doing it, I would identify myself in some way. It's just like on There are a ton of employees on there from successful PR firms and Restaurant Groups. But they all call each other out. It's actually quite hilarious. They're marketers! They get the word out about their product/service/organization. It's what they do. Who is to say they're wrong? Oh yeah. The bored 30-something stuck in his parents' basement watching Adult Swim re-runs all day drenched in McDonald's wrappers. 

On that note, I end with: Has anyone heard about the sudden closing of the Barnacles in Kennesaw?


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