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Music to my ears

I was extremely excited this morning when I turned to Atlanta's some-what new Dave FM and heard music playing at 9 a.m. The obvious absence of some goon babbling on and on about Paris' new BFF befuddled me, and I was tempted to tune in. Soon after David Grey was finished swooning me with his brilliant Britishness, I learned of a new segment: Music Mornings with Holly Firfur. 

Believe it, people! A popular Atlanta radio station is replacing its morning show with music. Of all things? Now every morning, from 5-9 a.m., we can enjoy some tunage instead of the Zakk Tyler morning show. (Honestly, did his mother really spell his name like that? Or is he just way too cool to use these "common-man" spellings? Even Zak would look less-douchy. And I'm not the only one feeling that vibe. Just ask Inside the Sprawl.)  

Morning radio talk shows are the reason that I had XM radio installed into my car. Now a proud, extremely satisfied owner of satellite radio, I have been almost entirely absent from the world of AM and FM...and justifiably so. "Well then why were you on an FM channel?" You ask yourself. Well it just so happened to be that I was, at the time, in a parking deck. And instead of listening to the sizzles that are concrete-satellite interceptions, I chose to switch over.

It seems to me that some suits sitting around a table at 1201 Peachtree St. may have thought, out-loud, of the outlandish possibility that, "Hey! Maybe if we shut these idiots up, people will enjoy music more than talk." Personally, aside from NPR, I have never been a fan of talk radio. If I wanted to hear some white 40-something talk about last night's reality tv show happenings, I'd start attending church again. No, Niel Bortz, I don't care about your opinion. And stop brainwashing my boyfriend about the Fair Tax already! Poor guy doesn't know who to believe anymore -- you or himself. And neither Steve nor Viki could grab my attention with their morning PTA meetings. I already have two parents who remind me almost hourly how I should be conducting my life versus how things were like "when they were my age."

So, I feel like I owe something to the suits at 1201 Peachtree. You may be starting a new trend. You may just begin to collect some followers. Respond, Atlanta! Tune your dial to 92.9 and tune in! This could be the radio revolution we've been waiting for!

Now, I may be more inclined to, at times, adventure back into the world of terrestrial waves. Thanks, Dave! Here's to Music in the Mornings bringing much success in the form of ad revenue back to the station!

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OMG they're really playing music in Atlanta in the morning?? I listened to the BUZZ before it became a talk-filled bore and I've missed having a decent amount of songs to listen to instead of idiots speaking about idiotic ideas with each other. That's the main reason I bought an iPod a few years ago -- so I wouldn't have to listen to crap during my commute. Remember some of the stuff Leslie and her gang at 99x used to do in the mornings to torment interns? It was pretty disturbing. What sort of music do they play?

We live in the same area! XD

I totally agree with you. Granted, Steve and Vickie did give me a bright morning ride when I was a kid. I really hate listening to these radio DJ's that do everything but DJ. I don't even think these guys are required to know anything about music anymore, just pop culture. It's pretty sad.

I was excited to actually hear music in the morning on 92.9 too. All I have is a radio in my car so I'm usually stuck listening to ridiculous radio talk show hosts. Finally someone is actually making my morning commute better with some music!

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